rock your rack show on Flickr.

Hi everyone, this is a sneak peek from Rock Your Rack Show wich is still going on.

MIMT- Fairytale 1 Set 66 AD on Flickr.…

MIMT- Fairytale 2 Set 67 AD on Flickr.…

MIMT- Fairytale 3 Set 68 AD on Flickr.…

MIMT - Candy Girl AD Set 65 on Flickr.

This set of textures cost 2 Ls and has been made especially for Beautiful Summer Hunt wich has just begun. You will find more news here: Happy Hunting

new photo background on Flickr.

MIMT- Fairytale 1 Set 66.… plus unique kitten pets for sale at the store. parents of kittycats kittens are Remy martin and Mikke Rosa on a photo. Please remember store changed location and we have a new lm: I’ve been hunting a bit in may and i couldn’t help myself not getting these cool wellies and cupcake top for 2ls in Cotton Candy hunt. The skin was free from cStar Limited - Miss May 2014 - Blush - Sweetness.

Kittycats on Flickr.


Lovely Kittycats are waiting for you at Mulberry store, just for 100 l each.

My Wardrobe - outfit 32

Today i wear hair from Vanity Hair:Spooky-Runway Hunt Edition. TRPH5 gifts cost 5 Ls.

2. A group gift from FINESMITH - Mix copper necklace. Group fee is 300 Ls.

3. PRISM - Evita_OrangeSnakeSkin_Jacket is a past KMH gift.

4. 3D Photo background comes from Made in Mulberry Textures/Valentine’s Day Set 50.

Videograph taken by  Made in Mulberry Photo Studio 2014
contact Morning Devin.

RAFF 2014 on Flickr.

outfit 31 RAFF

1.Shoes: Essenz - Seattle (Fatpack). ONLY the fatpack contains color change HUD.
The shoes are an add-on for the Slink Mid Feet, which means that the feet are not included and need to be purchased separately at the Slink mainstore.
The shoes are rigged and will fit all sizes of the Slink feet.

2. Skin: * Morphine : Katrina Pale Skintone (Shrouded/Ash w/CL). skin has all appliers, like phat azz, slink, mirage (nips). Skin with slink applier is perfect for me, because all i have to do is wear the hud and click. There is no gap between leg and shoe, no more matching color etc.
3. Hair: Tameless Hair Mercedes - Mega Pack
I wear Fantasy hair and i chose a color by a HUD.

4. *ToXiC*H* Bangerz Bust Silver Chain Boob & Azz Appliers. Layers.

5. 3D photo background - MIMT Set 60. Not in the RAFF. on Flickr.

outfit 30
This is a sneek peek from RAFF.
RAFF is Rock Attitude Fashion Fair 2014, it lasts until April 11.
The main theme is Rock music wich is darker sexy clothes, crosses, skulls, leather, metallic decors, tons off appliers texture huds and everything what is the most fashionable at this moment.

1. Hair - Tameless Leeyah - Fades with hud
2. MoDANNA [Benatar Collection] Spiked Dress Gold
3. Amy Sunglasses - Black & Gold
4. Microphone and pose - {NanTra} Songbird
5. ~Cannibelle~ Rockin Silhouette Tights with any appliers you need.
6.Frogstar - Electric Shoulder Bag Gacha
Frogstar - Electric Shoulder Bag #21 RARE
7. Skin: * Morphine : Katrina Pale Skintone with appliers and shape.
8.even.flow - On Tour Boots “golden”
9.Photo background- Made in Mulberry Textures Pink Interior Set 62. Store do not participate RAFF.